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AVG is considered to be the first company to provide customers with free anti-virus protection on computers and laptops. It has successfully extended the protection with an AVG free PC TuneUp program. Both programs are available in subscription and premium versions. AVG Zen is the latest product from the company. It has been built in the latest versions of both programs. In addition to this, the company has also introduced it as a standalone product on Android tablet and Android smartphone. Actually AVG Zen is a multi platform multi device product having almost all the same features of its Antivirus and Internet Security and PC Tune Up tool. But it let you allowed install and manage your multi devices having any platform like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices.


AVG Zen comes with 3 variants.

AVG protection

As like Antivirus it comes with all Free Antivirus and Internet Security Suite features with the same Free and Paid options. But its paid license valid for all your household devices.

AVG performance

AVG Performance has all the features of AVG PC tune up but it is compatible with all devices like Android, iOS, Windows or Mac based devices with a license to protect unlimited devices of your whole house. It has also the Free and Paid options.

AVG ultimate

AVG ultimate have the only paid option but it combines the features of both AVG Protection and AVG ultimate along with some other Premium features.

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Features and Usage

The visual interface of the platform seems like an advanced dashboard. The shows a list of devices available on the Zen network right at the top. Below this section, you can see relevant tools. Since the service is free, you just need an email address and password to start your Zen account. It’s very easy to add computers. However, you may have to make some effort to add Android devices. Before the device is added, you need to follow a simple 3-stage installation process.

Once the program is installed on your device, you can start using the functions as per your needs and requirements. The four prominent areas on which you receive reports include Support, Privacy and Identity, Performance and Protection. A lot of people wonder about the benefits of controlling their computer’s security settings from their smartphones. Similarly, people also wonder about the importance of controlling their tablets from a laptop.

It’s worth mentioning that AVG’s Android application include Camera Trap, Device Lock and Anti-Theft. Thus, the app is detailed and thorough. Camera Trap allows your phone to take a picture of someone trying to unlock your device unsuccessfully and emails the picture to a particular address.

Even though the company calls AVG Zen an administration console, industry experts consider to be an exceptional status tool. A lot of people expect this program to initiate AV scans, run parts of AVG suites and start tune-up tools. But it just displays the current state of performance and security. In order to make any changes, you need to visit the device or PC you’re viewing.


  • Wide range of advanced features.
  • Easy installation.
  • Allows you to control one device from another.
  • Single Software license compatible with all your devices.
  • Protect unlimited devices of your whole family.


  • Displays only the state of performance and security.
  • Some critics find synchronizing different devices unnecessary.

It’s worth mentioning that AVG isn’t the first company to provide customers with accounts on which they can pool different devices from various platforms to handle administration. However, AVG Zen is an exceptional product that performs the task smoothly. It also enables status displays of different devices. This provides customers with extra facilities, and ties them up with an excellent protection software service provider.

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