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Since 1987, TechSmith has maintained a tradition of graphical design software excellence that is incorporated into its entire product line. The company employs more than 200 people and is responsible for such important products as Camtasia, SnagIt, Jing, Morae, and

While the company originally focused on the desktop segment of the marketplace, TechSmith has since expanded its offerings to be functional on mobile phones and tablets. Most importantly, the company continues to update its products with improved versions designed for the latest computer design applications. Below is a full explanation of what TechSmith products have to offer.

SnagIt Review and coupons

The first big success that TechSmith realized was with the release of SnagIt in 1990. While most operating systems come with a native “print screen” function, they require users to utilize special editing software to make simple changes. This was especially true back in the 1990’s, when basic programs such as Microsoft Paint were difficult to find. For this reason, TechSmith developed SnagIt as a way to quickly take screenshots without having to worry about manually editing each file.

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When users have SnagIt installed, the print screen button initiates a low-overhead photo editor that allows each screenshot to be easily customized. Using an alternative hotkey, users can drag their mouse across the screen to crop the screenshot to fit their requirements. In the latest versions of SnagIt, users can even create slideshows and print files while minimizing ink consumption. The software also makes it easy to share images on popular websites like Flickr and Facebook. Instead of using the built-in screenshot functionality, SnagIt can be a great alternative.

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Camtasia Studio Review and discount coupons

While SnagIt was undeniably a big success, TechSmith was not satisfied with single product development victory. As a result, the company invested substantial resources into building the ultimate screen capture software, called Camtasia Studio. Unlike other programs on the market, Camtasia leaves no watermarks and provides a robust range of features that make it easy to assemble an insightful presentation. Since Camtasia is easy to use, it is practical for both tutorial design professionals and ordinary users looking to document specific processes.

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When presentations are recorded with Camtasia, users are provided with a range of features that minimize post-production editing requirements. While recording a video, users can move the frame by simply moving their mouse. There are also buttons to zoom in and pause the recording to prevent the leaking of sensitive information. In fact, certain areas of the screen can be blocked out altogether to prevent the prying eyes of others from discovering private information. After the recording has finished, the software also makes it easy to edit segments of the video to optimize it for end-users. There are also a range of file formats that allow users to optimize presentation performance.

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Other Offerings

TechSmith also offers an array of other products that capitalize on the company’s expertise in screen capture technology. Morae was developed by TechSmith in 2009 to provide insights for market research and user interface optimization. The software can also be utilized to test customer prototype perceptions, test hardware, and conduct focus groups more effectively.

Screenchomp is a free application designed by TechSmith that is designed to run on Apple iOS devices. The software is mostly used for collaboration between educators and students. However, there are other applications for Screenchomp that include YouTube videos, narrated sketches, and screen capture. Created files can also be uploaded to, a specialty website designed to host Screenchomp content for users.

Coach’s Eye is a program for mobile devices that enables coaches to utilize video for demonstrating opportunities for improvement to their athletes. The software allows captured videos to be edited and annotated to help athletes improve their physical form. Much like how the first camera revolutionized the thoroughbred racing world by demonstrating how all four of a horse’s feet come off the ground, this program enables coaches to revolutionize how their athletes perfect their form.

Tech Smith Company Information

TechSmith Corporation was originally founded in 1987 by William Hamilton, a Michigan State University graduate and entrepreneur. Along with other team members, Hamilton saw the opportunity to develop screen capture software, and spent the next three years perfecting SnagIt. Today, TechSmith is seen as the market leader for rich applications in the corporate and personal screen capture marketplace. The company is headquartered in Okemos, Michigan.


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