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Kaspersky 2016

Kaspersky group has officially confirmed its 2016 release. Along with windows 10 release, the antivirus will be of great help to computer users which is compatible with the Windows 10. Lab tests carried out have proven its $39.95/year, $59.95 budget/3 licenses worthiness. What protection heights is Kaspersky 2016 version endowed with? Well, it’s all here.

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Kaspersky 2016 Review and Coupons

Kaspersky 2016 Coupons

Its main window display does not differ from the brand’s ancestral versions; white and green color font is still maintained. The whole platform comes with a unique layout though. The past edition comprises four options, i.e. Reports, Virtual Keyboard, Update and Scan tabs. The 2016 edition is designed with the same elements though with a smaller, horizontally arranged and borderless tabs incapacitating it to be more appealing. A larger banner at the top is designed to display the security status which turns green when free from threats and malware. You can easily solve the problem by clicking at the banner when a threat alert is notified making the whole package efficient and reliable.

Kaspersky 2016 New Features

  • New Change Control option has been added which let the users to control the changes made to your browsers or system by the software or any browser add on.
  • A New Private Browsing feature let the users to surf web privately that no one can track or log your browsing habits.
  • Many features has improved like Firewall, Application Control, Trusted Application Mode and Safe mode etc.

Why Choose Kaspersky 2016

Lab results

You may wonder what lab certifications Kaspersky has secured. Basically, it recently fortified Platinum Checkmark Certification from West Coast Labs and Malware detection plus removal certifications by ICSA. That’s not all, in the last 12 Virus Bulletin tests with 10 participated by Kaspersky, it achieved VB100 certification from 9 of them. In addition, Dennis Technology labs awarded this program an AAA certification based on a test of the same malware attack repeatedly. AV-Test Institute has also awarded the brand maximum score. I guess that’s enough proof for its potential.

Fast installation

Installing the program isn’t a hustle either. It will automatically search for a newer version which will prompt installation after detection when run. The next step involves its activation either by a purchased activation code or rather 30 days trial activation. It’s that simple to get started.

Reliable scanning options

There are different scanning options offered by the software once installed (full scan, quick scan, removable disk scan and customize scan). Let’s take for instance you want to scan all files and folders within your computer. A full scan is availed that will approximately take 45 minutes for the first time. Amazingly, on subsequent scans less time is needed; 12 minutes or less to be specific.

Malware eradication efficiency

Kaspersky system gets rid of malware automatically upon malware detection. It will be done by approximately 80% of the threats at the end of execution period. The remaining 20% is likely to be eliminated when launched. The system has further a system watcher feature that allows “rolling back malware actions”. This has empowered the antivirus to attain 89% malware detection which hits at 8.8 rate out of 10.

Potent phishing guard

Computer users are prone to malware downloads, phishing sites or fraud sites that tend to steal log in information from personal online accounts. Kaspersky comes in to ensure one is protected from these risks. It mainly operates by identifying, analyzing and blocking these sites. Tests have proven that the software can detect them from any browser.

Additional tools

There is an “Additional Tools” tab that will give you a chance to explore more features. The best part of it, you can operate it remotely with a registered Kaspersky account. One can easily run a quick scan, update, full scan or activate accidentally inactivated components.

There are various antimalware software in the market today. It is difficult though to identify the potent ones. 2016 Kaspersky can be a great tool for your PC’s security. Give it a try.


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