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0 Comments is an American based company offering services related to press releases. It offers a variety of services to help companies increase awareness about products or services that are important to them.

Their particular aim is to help small businesses access the same type of publicity that large companies enjoy, and at a price that is reasonable and affordable. They stress that they are human beings as opposed to a huge corporate company, with their company website containing a staff photo of the company founders in amusing hats.


The company provides press releases for companies that don’t want to or can not produce press releases themselves. A press release is a piece of writing designed to be sent by a company to news outlets, with the intended result that the news outlets write about the information contained in the press release. produces press releases that are properly formatted, readable and of a high quality. They stress the importance of their knowing the market, as well as their ability to write the press releases in a style that is amenable to the tastes of news outlets.

On top of writing press releases, also offers a service that distributes and promotes the press releases of its clients. It does this by distributing the press release through a number of services. The company is partnered with PR Newswire, one of the oldest and most respected newswire services available. PR Newswire, in turn, send the press release to its network of newsrooms and journalists. It covers approximately 90,000 journalists and 22,000 newsrooms, showing that the company has a wide reach. As well as this the company submits the press releases to Google News and the Associated Press, both companies with a wide reaching influence. The company offers four levels of access to this service at prices ranging from $249 to $499. All services claim to reach over 100,000 journalists, and include the writing of a press release of 400, 500 or 600 words. For the two premium services, respectively priced at $399 and $499, it is guaranteed by that the press release will be featured on at least 75 or 100 websites.
The company also offers a service it terms ‘the personal publicist service’, which involves a monthly payment to them in return for premium publicity services. For a monthly payment the company promises to release a statement each month that is conceived by ereleases in conjunction with the customer, and then distributed through premium channels. The advantage of this program is that it is personalised, with a conference call with an assigned publicist, and also that it is all inclusive. That is that the service conceives, produces and distributes the press release, with minimum input required from the customer, saving them time and effort. Furthermore, as with other services, the customer receives a report on each press release, detailing where the information has been distributed and where it has been reproduced. This helps the customer see the results of the service being provided, building trust between them and the company.


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