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Revo UnInstaller Pro 3 Coupon code

Regular Price: $39.25
Discounted Price for 3 user License = $117.75
After Revo’s officially Discount given by them on their website = $58.86
After using this 30% Promo coupon Discounted price will be : $41.20
Finally it will cost you $13.73 / computer license  which is 65% less from its regular price.

Revo UnInstaller Pro 3 Review

The new technologically advanced Revo Uninstaller Pro 3 is the latest version from Revo. This new version comes with new high tech features which have simplified the process of installing and uninstalling software’s. The following are the new added features available in the new Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.

Revo uninstaller Discount coupon codes and review
For the best uninstall results, this new version comes with a new feature that allows the simple integration of all programs, logs databases and traced programs. The new Revo Pro 3 also has a quick uninstall command that allows the simplified removal of programs. A great feature of the uninstaller is the fact that the user can export any leftover data directly to HTML. With this new Revo Uninstaller, the user can search a company name online as well as make a comment. When compared to the previous versions, this new version has a change and repair command which allows the user to make the correct MSI installations. Revo Uninstaller Pro 3 comes with a detail panel which has information and details about selected programs in the Icon view. With this new version, the user can easily add or change the comment command option. 32 and 64 bit columns have been added in the details view. These columns give the user the simplicity and ability to select any programs required for uninstalling or upgrading them. A pop-up tool tip which details any information of the hovered program Icon is also available with this new Revo Uninstaller 3. A backup manager is also available and it gives the user the possibility to restore software’s depending on the day and time they were uninstalled. The junk file cleaner has the ability to support and remove drives.
The following are the improved features of the Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.
The scanning option of the uninstaller has been improved and it comes with the options of scanning any leftover algorithms. The speed of uninstalling logs and parsing has also been improved tremendously. This means that the user can easily find and uninstall any program at ease. When it comes to detecting and cleaning junk files, this new version has an improved junk extension for simplified cleaning. The Revo AppBar has been improved to accommodate a simplified user interface for easy monitoring of the installation process. The detection and installation paths of program icons have also been improved.


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