CyberLink PowerDVD 15 Review



Cyber Link Power DVD 15 Review and Coupons

If you’re out looking for the best media player, the PowerDVD may be exactly what you need and want. It proves to be one that stands out from the rest with the many exceptional features it offers. Learn why it is preferred by many and what kind of experience it entails in this CyberLink PowerDVD 15 Review. Familiarize yourself with its awesome features and be in awe of its performance and various impressive capabilities.

Cyber Link Power DVD 15 Review and Coupons



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The CyberLink PowerDVD 15 has several new features and here are only some of the plausible upgrades from the previous versions that it boasts, and are bound give you a rich experience that will blow you away.

TrueTheater Color

This intelligent feature recognizes the background as well as skin tones within your videos, then applies necessary adjustments to its overall vividness. The resulting video you get to watch is greatly enhanced yet retain its authentic colors.

TrueTheater Sound

In line with the previous feature are audibles intensified to deliver theater-like sounds, working on the low bass, volume amplification, and other areas. It surely brings about an immersive movie experience as you are surrounded in full-blast sounds.

Online Features: Enjoy the convenience of Cloud storage where you can stream videos or shows directly on your PC. It also supports YouTube and Vimeo, so you can browse and play videos without needing to open up a browser.

User Friendly Interface

Using the Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 is quite easy, as you can find your way through without difficulty. Navigating the main window, exploring and trying out the new features, and of course, watching videos endlessly, can be enjoyed without encountering any problem. All things are presented in an organized manner. It even has a cinema mode feature which lets you control everything simply with the use of your remote control, simulated by remote-control and playback apps which you can acquire on both Android and iOS devices. The PowerDVD librarian is equipped with categories where functions and files are placed for easy navigation.


The PowerDVD 15 holds the capability for Enhanced 4K Playback, where overlay rendering is designed to detect 4K video and monitor. It automatically optimizes the video and renders a smooth playback, for seamless watching without lag. There’s no worries at all since it also allows 120/240 fps super smooth video playback.

The Video Scene Selector allows you to select any part and have it added to your favorites, giving you easy access in the future whenever you wish to watch them. It supports disk-free direct video playback of Blu-Ray and DVD ISO files, sourced from your computer or networked hard drive. What’s more is it continues where you left off, eliminating the need to remember at what point in time you were interrupted or stopped watching which you never seem to remember anyway.


Tech savvy and even nitpicky users will be quite satisfied with the performance of the PowerDVD15. It’s sought to do everything, especially with its H.265 hardware acceleration support for NVIDIA and Intel processors. Aside from improved video playback you are entitled to improved battery life with its optimal yet efficient performance. Your system manages to stay responsive during playback. No doubt, all its great features make life easy and beautiful for you by simply enveloping you in a wonderful video world.




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