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BullGuard 2015 Review

BullGuard’s Antivirus program is one of the lesser known greats of the industry. This antivirus does everything that it’s many users need while giving them the peace of mind that their information is protected. Many independent testing labs have stated that BullGuard’s Antivirus program is one of the best out on the market with plenty of advanced features that will make sure that there will be no threat to the integrity of their stored data. Not only is it a wonderful program, it is also an affordable program that brings many more customers to its doors each year. In this BullGuard 2015 review, we will look at this wonderful program and all the benefits its customers can reap from using it.

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The most important part of any antivirus is the zero-day threat protection that it provides. This is what typically makes or breaks a program since you want to know that if a virus has been downloaded, the antivirus program you have selected will be able to detect it before it does damage. When the BullGuard antivirus was tested to see how effective it ran, its scores were well within the range that you would expect from the big name brands of security software. This great picture was tainted when the tests for how well the program repaired the computer after it had been infected. Unfortunately, only half of the systems that were critically infected where able to be repaired by BullGuard’s program.

Another crucial point is that BullGuard happens to have one of the smallest impacts on your device while it runs. This is one of the perks to the software since many of the larger companies are having serious issues with how system heavy their software is. It also features standard parental controls and also includes a gaming mode for gamers.

The new BullGuard Antivirus 2015 comes with an improved anti-phishing and anti-spam set that gives its users peace of mind while surfing the internet. One of the most important additions to this new addition is their vulnerability scanner which will identify the software that is no longer usable and will select it for deletion later on. This protects the system from being exploited by potential intruders while ensuring that your computer is well-maintained. Designed for Windows 8 but compatible with the older versions, it seems that BullGuard will continue to add more customers as it continues its wonderful program into the near future.

BullGuard Coupon Code

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