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Avast 2015 Coupon code to save 20% on Internet security. Avast Internet Security is the best value product with best protection.


Home Network Security
The Home Network Security feature is a great addition to an already robust system. It detects problems and issues with the home system such as router and Wi-Fi problems.

HTTPS Scanning
Sites with secure connections still have the potential to be hacked. Scanning for these sites is particularly important since they often contain sensitive personal or financial data.

Secure DNS
This feature protects users from proceeding to compromised sites that look safe.

Smart Scan
Avast! offers users the option for in-depth scans and quick scans. Smart Scan is another version designed to look for all threats and issues with one click, which is a great first option if you are experiencing issues and want to do a complete scan but do not have the time for a full system scan.

Safe Zone
This is available in paid editions of the software and is designed to provide users with a secure environment where they can pay bills and shop without fear of someone stealing important data.

Another paid feature, this protects your PC from phishing and email-based scams.

DeepScreen 2.0
This is a great feature that offers enhanced protection against malware. It allows the software to clear away the misdirections and codes used by malware creators to make their bugs difficult to detect. This includes a virtual testing arena where unknown files can be opened safely.

Rescue Disk
Rescue Disk is useful for heavily infected computers with important files that you want to protect. Rescue Disk can easily fix any issue a but recovery disk can only be created if you have Avast! installed on the PC.


Easy navigation
Early home security detection
Malicious URL blocking
Effective at malware detection and deletion
Plenty of bonus tools
Faster software updater
Scans for missing patches and problematic plug-ins


Mediocre phising protection
Occasional slow performance during updates


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